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Current Positions

Location: Markham
Job Code: 26497

Date Posted: November 24, 2022

Position Summary
The Program Director will assume end-to-end planning, governance and operational management of a large scale, multi-year program to redesign SE Health’s homecare service. This end-to-end service redesign will be guided by new and emerging models of care that are enabled by digital and client-centric, and will be co-designed with our employees, clients, and their families. This transformation returns the focus of homecare to client experience and health outcomes, by designing an inherently digital service that allow our 6000+ care providers to deliver holistic and integrated care more easily to our more than 1.2 million clients annually.

As the Program Director you will work closely with, and directly oversee three workstreams of the program, each focused on redesigning the end-to-end experience of our care providers, administrative employees, and back-office employees respectively. Each workstream will be headed by a Transformation Lead, and with your coordination and coaching will:

Establish a future state experience and set of capabilities needed to enable it by applying service design methodologies

Select a suite of new digital tools (including a new Electronic Health Record (EHR), custom mobile apps, task automation, data migrations and system integrations) that satisfy these capabilities

Design the corresponding set of processes, roles and responsibilities

Implement these above the home care service to optimize existing business/care models and unlock our ability to execute on future models.

To this end you will exercise your well-honed project, change, risk, and relationship management skills to expedite decision making, ensure alignment and synergy across workstreams, and facilitate nuanced problem solving with internal and external project, operational and leadership partners.


·         Champion the program’s vision, and enable stakeholders to align on its goals

·         Overall responsibility for the success of the program through scope, budget and timeline management

·         Creates conditions for high performance teams by building team commitment and morale, including creating symbols of group identity or other actions to build cohesiveness

·         Plan the overall program, integrate discrete project plans at a program level, monitor progress, and manage performance against it, using standard  KPIs

·         Drive daily operations throughout the program management life cycle

·         Manage and optimality resource workstreams by continually prioritizing, delegating and scheduling work packages

·         Coordinate workstreams, and consider internal interdependencies as well with those with other programs and projects across the organization

·         Manage the program’s budget, annual plans and staffing levels

·         Operationalize strong program governance (controls) and oversight of overall program

·         Anticipate, quantify, and manage tactical, operational, and strategic risks

·         Identify issues at their onset and resolve internally through open and honest dialogue, or leverage governance bodies as required

·         Quickly and thoroughly gather, distill, integrate, and synthesize complex and nuanced information from disparate stakeholders to expedite collective decisions

·         Negotiate the support of stakeholders, including sponsors, for the program while setting clear expectations and acceptance criteria (for example, KPIs) for the program benefits in order to achieve and maintain their alignment to the program objectives

·         Work collaboratively with diverse groups to build constructive and trusting partnerships within the program, across the organization and with external partners to move initiatives forward

·         Exercise seasoned diplomatic skills to manage expectations and uncover stakeholder desires, needs, and requirements

·         Develop and present material using strong written, verbal, and graphical communication skills with the ability to express complex concepts effectively


·         7+ years’ experience leading projects including those of large, cross-enterprise scope involving significant technical complexity and third-party vendors

·         Master's degree in Health Administration, Business Administration or equivalent field required

·         Mastery of project management tools and techniques including agile delivery, with an ability to lead teams across disparate departments and skill sets, to a successful delivery

·         Excellent stakeholder management and communication skills to deliver impactful messaging succinctly to stakeholders at all levels of client.

·         Logical thinker with strong analytical skills and the ability to collect, organize, analyze, and disseminate significant amounts of information with attention to detail and accuracy.

·         Demonstrable evidence of leading change initiatives and achieving tangible/successful results within ambiguous environments.

·         Able to manage complex situations that combine strategic, financial, political, operational, hierarchical, budgetary, capacity, relational and temporal aspects

·         Able to navigate uncertainty and ambiguity

·         Adept at selling the program vision and benefits to the various stakeholders

·         A strong commitment to collaborative and inclusive planning; able to rally people with diverging interests

·         A passion for the details of user experience

·         A tendency toward systems-oriented thinking and an awareness of the “big picture”

·         Experience applying complex influence strategies; able to assemble coalitions; Build “behind the-scenes” support for ideas and uses in-depth understanding of the interactions within a group to move toward a specific position (e.g., may give or withhold information among individuals to have specific effects)

·         Able to addresses conflict head on and resolve in such a way that leaves our team members and stakeholders dedicated and committed to moving forward, avoiding zero-sum game politics

·         Provides calm during the storm of change and can maintains an eye on the strategic goals and values during the chaos of change

About Us:

At SE, we love what we do.  Every day, we bring hope and happiness to clients, homes, and communities across Canada.  We treat each person with dignity and love, like our own family; we build empathy; and we do the right thing. We are always inspired to make a difference. As a not-for-profit social enterprise, we share knowledge, provide the best care, and help each client to realize their most meaningful goals for health and wellbeing.  We’re a great place to work, and we hope you’ll join our team

Please note that due to the unprecedented circumstance of the Global Pandemic and the resultant public health crisis; and in the interest of the health and safety of our patients/clients, employees, and greater good of public health, SE Health requires those that wish to work for this organization to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Fully vaccinated means a person has received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and it has been 14 days since the last dose

SE Health is committed to the success of all its employees. If you feel you need accommodations because of illness or disability, please do not hesitate to contact the Talent Acquisition team at  at your earliest convenience.

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